The Real Estate Training Institute has tried its best to make our website 508 compliant.  We have added several accessibility features to our website.
There is a panel on the right side of the webpage you can adjust this site for easier accessibility.
Color contrast for color blind accessibility:  Our graphic artist tested the initial course template and our example in-course graphics for adequate foreground and background color contrast to make the content accessible to learners with color blindness. This work helped us streamline our course development and avoid any serious structural issues later in the process.
Tabbing for screen reader accessibility: Our instructional designers learned how to use the Jobs Access with Speech (JAWS) screen reader to test accessibility of content for visually impaired learners. This allowed us to build complex interactivities and graphics that held a logical flow for screen reader tabbing and maintained overall accessibility through keyboard commands alone. Furthermore, we grouped certain items not vital to a learner’s understanding to limit tabbing to essential items and retain practical structure for keyboard accessibility.
On the right side of this web site there is a sidebar panel capable of the following:

  1. Increase Text
  2. Decrease Text
  3. Readable Fonts
  4. Highlight Links
  5. Black/Yellow Contrast
  6. Keyboard Navigate
  7. Stop Animations

There is also a feature that can be used to have the text read to you.  The instructions are as followed:

  1. Highlight Text
  2. Right Click
  3. Scroll down to the “SPEECH” section
  4. Click on “Start Speaking”