Introduction to Contract


Real Estate Contracts


Statutes of Limitations and Breach of Contract


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MODULE TWO: Managing Earnest Money and Escrow/Trust Accounts


Introduction to Managing Escrow Accounts


Basics of Escrow and Earnest Money Deposits


IREBBEA and the Beneficiaries

North Central Arkansas

Los Angeles
Palm Desert
San Diego

Moffat County (Craig)

Bahia Vista Community
Big Lake Fuller Center (Okeechobee) (organizing)
Central Florida
Greater Miami

Spring Hill (Nature Coast FCH)
Tallahassee *

Albany Area *
Americus-Sumter County *

Blakely-Early County, Blakely
Lake Lanier-Cumming
Greater Atlanta
Henry County  (McDonough)
Macon *

Southwest Quarter (Lumpkin) 

Boundary County, Bonners Ferry
Lewis-Clark Valley (Lewiston)

Silver Valley (Smelterville) *

Lake County-Waukegan *
Illinois Valley-Peoria


Central Indiana *
Greater Elkhart
Jasper County-(Rensselaer)
St. Joseph County

Southwest Iowa (Shenandoah)

Land of Logan (Russellville)

Ginger Ford Northshore (Hammond) *
Livingston Parish
New Iberia
Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport) *

Providence (Lake Providence)
Webster Parish *

Prince George’s County-Brentwood

Copiah County-organizing
Greenwood / Leflore

Marshall County
Pike County*
Yalobusha County

Greater Kansas City *

Johnson County (Warrensburg)
Joplin Area, Joplin

Atlantic City

Greater New York City (New Rochelle)*


Surry/Stokes (Pilot Mountain)

Clark County (Springfield)
Darke County
Greater Toledo
Northwest Portage County (Aurora)

Oklahoma City

Community Mission-Minersville
Mercer County

Colleton County-Walterboro

Middle TN-Nashville

Eastside Waxahachie (Dallas area)
Hunt County, Greenville

Carroll County Greater Area (Hillsville)

Potomac Highlands Fuller Center-Franklin

Disaster ReBuilders
RV Builders

Puerto Rico

Email Compromise

How You Know You’ve Been Hacked

What To Do When You’ve Been Hacked

What To Do Before You’re Hacked

Nathan E. Hardwick IV and the DOJ


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Introduction to Agency




What’s New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Agency (Part 1)



What’s New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Agency (Part 2)


What’s New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Agency (Part 3)


I-Buyers ‚Äď A Popular Emerging Model

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Tools to Succeed


Introduction to Tools to Succeed


Advertising and Marketing on the Internet

Planning to Marketing

Affinity marketing


History of advertising

Sex in Advertising

Advertising management

American business history

Brand awareness


Consumer confusion

Consumer behaviour

Database marketing

Demand chain

Digital marketing

Email remarketing

Family in advertising

History of marketing

List of marketing terms

Loyalty marketing


Marketing mix

Marketing Management

Marketing research

Marketing strategy


Media manipulation

Multicultural marketing

Product management

Production orientation

Public Sector Marketing

Real-time marketing

Relationship marketing


Societal marketing

Sustainable market orientation

Visual marketing

Prospecting PPLS



Understanding Your Customer

Consumer Credit Data: URL,

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: URL,

Consumer Product-Related Statistics: URL,

Inflation and Consumer Statistics: URL,

Employment Statistics: URL,

Export Research: URL,


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Fair Housing and Ethics


Introduction to Fair Housing


Reflections of the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act

Sexual Harassment in Housing


Protection for Persons with Disabilities

Rules Against Children are Discriminatory


Housing for Older Persons


Housing Choice Voucher Program Section 8

Subpart A‚ÄĒGeneral Information

§982.1   Programs: purpose and structure.
§982.2   Applicability.
§982.3   HUD.
§982.4   Definitions.
§982.5   Notices required by this part.

Subpart B‚ÄĒHUD Requirements and PHA Plan for Administration of Program

§982.51   PHA authority to administer program.
§982.52   HUD requirements.
§982.53   Equal opportunity requirements and protection for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
§982.54   Administrative plan.

Subpart C‚ÄĒFunding and PHA Application for Funding

§982.101   Allocation of funding.
§982.102   Allocation of budget authority for renewal of expiring consolidated ACC funding increments.
§982.103   PHA application for funding.
§982.104   HUD review of application.

Subpart D‚ÄĒAnnual Contributions Contract and PHA Administration of Program

§982.151   Annual contributions contract.
§982.152   Administrative fee.
§982.153   PHA responsibilities.
§982.154   ACC reserve account.
§982.155   Administrative fee reserve.
§982.156   Depositary for program funds.
§982.157   Budget and expenditure.
§982.158   Program accounts and records.
§982.159   Audit requirements.
§982.160   HUD determination to administer a local program.
§982.161   Conflict of interest.
§982.162   Use of HUD-required contracts and other forms.
§982.163   Fraud recoveries.

Subpart E‚ÄĒAdmission to Tenant-Based Program

§982.201   Eligibility and targeting.
§982.202   How applicants are selected: General requirements.
§982.203   Special admission (non-waiting list): Assistance targeted by HUD.
§982.204   Waiting list: Administration of waiting list.
§982.205   Waiting list: Different programs.
§982.206   Waiting list: Opening and closing; public notice.
§982.207   Waiting list: Local preferences in admission to program.

Subpart F [Reserved]

Subpart G‚ÄĒLeasing a Unit

§982.301   Information when family is selected.
§982.302   Issuance of voucher; Requesting PHA approval of assisted tenancy.
§982.303   Term of voucher.
§982.304   Illegal discrimination: PHA assistance to family.
§982.305   PHA approval of assisted tenancy.
§982.306   PHA disapproval of owner.
§982.307   Tenant screening.
§982.308   Lease and tenancy.
§982.309   Term of assisted tenancy.
§982.310   Owner termination of tenancy.
§982.311   When assistance is paid.
§982.312   Absence from unit.
§982.313   Security deposit: Amounts owed by tenant.
§982.315   Family break-up.
§982.316   Live-in aide.
§982.317   Lease-purchase agreements.

Subpart H‚ÄĒWhere Family Can Live and Move

§982.351   Overview.
§982.352   Eligible housing.
§982.353   Where family can lease a unit with tenant-based assistance.
§982.354   Move with continued tenant-based assistance.
§982.355   Portability: Administration by initial and receiving PHA.

Subpart I‚ÄĒDwelling Unit: Housing Quality Standards, Subsidy Standards, Inspection and Maintenance

§982.401   Housing quality standards (HQS).
§982.402   Subsidy standards.
§982.403   Terminating HAP contract when unit is too small.
§982.404   Maintenance: Owner and family responsibility; PHA remedies.
§982.405   PHA initial and periodic unit inspection.
§982.406   Use of alternative inspections.
§982.407   Enforcement of HQS.

Subpart J‚ÄĒHousing Assistance Payments Contract and Owner Responsibility

§982.451   Housing assistance payments contract.
§982.452   Owner responsibilities.
§982.453   Owner breach of contract.
§982.454   Termination of HAP contract: Insufficient funding.
§982.455   Automatic termination of HAP contract.
§982.456   Third parties.

Subpart K‚ÄĒRent and Housing Assistance Payment

§982.501   Overview.
§982.503   Payment standard amount and schedule.
§982.504   Payment standard for family in restructured subsidized multifamily project.
§982.505   How to calculate housing assistance payment.
§982.506   Negotiating rent to owner.
§982.507   Rent to owner: Reasonable rent.
§982.508   Maximum family share at initial occupancy.
§982.509   Rent to owner: Effect of rent control.
§982.510   Other fees and charges.
§982.514   Distribution of housing assistance payment.
§982.515   Family share: Family responsibility.
§982.516   Family income and composition: Annual and interim examinations.
§982.517   Utility allowance schedule.
§982.521   Rent to owner in subsidized project.

Subpart L‚ÄĒFamily Obligations; Denial and Termination of Assistance

§982.551   Obligations of participant.
§982.552   PHA denial or termination of assistance for family.
§982.553   Denial of admission and termination of assistance for criminals and alcohol abusers.
§982.554   Informal review for applicant.
§982.555   Informal hearing for participant.

Subpart M‚ÄĒSpecial Housing Types

§982.601   Overview.

Single Room Occupancy (SRO)

§982.602   SRO: Who may reside in an SRO?
§982.603   SRO: Lease and HAP contract.
§982.604   SRO: Voucher housing assistance payment.
§982.605   SRO: Housing quality standards.

Congregate Housing

§982.606   Congregate housing: Who may reside in congregate housing.
§982.607   Congregate housing: Lease and HAP contract.
§982.608   Congregate housing: Voucher housing assistance payment.
§982.609   Congregate housing: Housing quality standards.

Group Home

§982.610   Group home: Who may reside in a group home.
§982.611   Group home: Lease and HAP contract.
§982.612   Group home: State approval of group home.
§982.613   Group home: Rent and voucher housing assistance payment.
§982.614   Group home: Housing quality standards.

Shared Housing

§982.615   Shared housing: Occupancy.
§982.616   Shared housing: Lease and HAP contract.
§982.617   Shared housing: Rent and voucher housing assistance payment.
§982.618   Shared housing: Housing quality standards.


§982.619   Cooperative housing.

Manufactured Home

§982.620   Manufactured home: Applicability of requirements.
§982.621   Manufactured home: Housing quality standards.

Manufactured Home Space Rental

§982.622   Manufactured home space rental: Rent to owner.
§982.623   Manufactured home space rental: Housing assistance payment.
§982.624   Manufactured home space rental: Utility allowance schedule.

Homeownership Option

§982.625   Homeownership option: General.
§982.626   Homeownership option: Initial requirements.
§982.627   Homeownership option: Eligibility requirements for families.
§982.628   Homeownership option: Eligible units.
§982.629   Homeownership option: Additional PHA requirements for family search and purchase.
§982.630   Homeownership option: Homeownership counseling.
§982.631   Homeownership option: Home inspections, contract of sale, and PHA disapproval of seller.
§982.632   Homeownership option: Financing purchase of home; affordability of purchase.
§982.633   Homeownership option: Continued assistance requirements; Family obligations.
§982.634   Homeownership option: Maximum term of homeownership assistance.
§982.635   Homeownership option: Amount and distribution of monthly homeownership assistance payment.
§982.636   Homeownership option: Portability.
§982.637   Homeownership option: Move with continued tenant-based assistance.
§982.638   Homeownership option: Denial or termination of assistance for family.
§982.639   Homeownership option: Administrative fees.
§982.641   Homeownership option: Applicability of other requirements.
§982.642   Homeownership option: Pilot program for homeownership assistance for disabled families.
§982.643   Homeownership option: Downpayment assistance grants.


American with Disabilities Act

The ADA Amendments Act

Veterans with Disabilities

·       Tips for Applicants with Disabilities Applying for Federal Jobs

·       The ABCs of Schedule A

·       Q&A: Promoting Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Workforce

The Questions and Answers Series

Mediation and the ADA

HIV/AIDS and the ADA

The following documents were developed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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MODULE SIX: Antitrust


Introduction to Antitrust


Guide to Antitrust

Famous Antitrust Lawsuits




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MODULE SEVEN: Intra/Inter Office Confidentiality


Introduction to Intra/Inter Confidentiality


Intra Office Confidentiality Overview



 Complaint for Civil Penalties, Permanent Injunction, and Other Relief (698.29 KB)

 Stipulated Motion to Enter Consent Decree and Order for Civil Penalties, Injunction, and Other Relief (60.31 KB)

 Consent Decree and Order for Civil Penalties, Injunction and Other Relief (1.49 MB)

PRESS RELEASE: FTC Charges That Security Flaws in RockYou Game Site Exposed 32 Million Email Addresses and Passwords

·       Consumer Protection

·       Privacy and Security

·       Data Security


Cyber Security Glossary



Securing Wireless Networks and Module Quiz


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MODULE EIGHT: Environmental Hazards


Introduction to Environmental Hazards


The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

Protect human health and the environment by cleaning up contaminated sites;

Make responsible parties pay for cleanup work;

Involve communities in the Superfund process;

Return Superfund sites to productive use.

Superfund in Mississippi






Lead Based Paint


Flint Drinking Water Crisis,9429,7-135-3308_3323-508967–,00.html

How lead gets into drinking water

Health effects of being exposed to lead in drinking water

Can I shower in lead-contaminated water?

Find out if lead is in your drinking water

Important steps you can take to reduce lead in drinking water

Get your child tested to determine lead levels in his or her blood

Find out if lead in drinking water is an issue in your child’s school or child care facility

EPA’s drinking water regulations for lead

Recent actions and revisions

How EPA requires states and public water systems to protect drinking water

Learn more about the maximum allowable content of lead in pipes, solder, fittings and fixtures

Learn more about EPA’s regulations to prevent lead in drinking water

Learn how to identify lead-free certification marks on drinking water system and plumbing products (PDF)

Fact sheet: How to Identify Lead-Free Certification Marks for Drinking Water System & Plumbing Products (PDF)

Factsheet: A Consumer Tool for Identifying Point of Use (POU) Drinking Water Filters Certified to Reduce Lead (PDF)

How to make your home lead-safe

What you can do to protect your drinking water

Find your local Consumer Confidence Report

Information about CCRs for consumers

EPA’s CCR home page

Webinar: Strategic Plan for Targeted Outreach to Populations Affected by Lead (March 2017)

Long-Term Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule¬†‚ÄĒ¬†regulatory options to improve the existing rule

Memorandum: Implementation of the Lead and Copper Rule Provisions Related to Sample Site Selection and Triennial Monitoring (October 2016)

Document: Optimal Corrosion Control Treatment Evaluation Technical Recommendations (March 2016)

Memorandum: Clarifying Recommended Tap Sampling Procedures for the Lead and Copper Rule (February 2016)

EPA Letters to Governors and State Environment and Public Health Commissioners (2016)

About Lead in Drinking Water

Prevention Tips for Lead in Water

CDC main page on lead


Renovation and Demolition Requirements / Asbestos


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 MODULE NINE: Financing the Dream and Keeping the Dream Alive


Introduction to Financing the Dream and Keeping the Dream Alive


Basic Concepts and Terminology


Understanding Credit Reports and Scores


Lending Process: Application Through Closing


Types of Loans

VA Home Loan Fact Sheet

How VA Helps

Summary of VA Home Loan Guaranty Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of the VA Home Loan Program


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MODULE TEN: Property Condition Disclosure


Introduction to Property Condition Disclosure


Property Condition Disclosure Law


Stambovsky v. Ackley,_Appellate_Division

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