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Part 1601 Chapter 3: Administration/Conducting Business Rule 3.1 General Rules

A. It shall be the duty of the responsible broker to instruct the licensees licensed under that broker in the fundamentals of real estate practice, ethics of the profession and the Mississippi Real Estate License Law and to exercise supervision of their real estate activities for which a license is required.

B. A real estate broker who operates under the supervision of a responsible broker must not at any time act independently as a broker.

The responsible broker shall at all times be responsible for the action of the affiliated broker to the same extent as though that licensee were a salesperson and that affiliated broker shall not perform any real estate service without the full consent and knowledge of his employing or supervising broker.

However, should the responsible broker agree that a broker under his supervision may perform certain real estate services outside the responsible broker’s supervision or direction the responsible broker shall notify the Commission in writing as to the exact nature of such relationship and the names of the broker or brokers involved. The responsible broker shall immediately notify the Commission in writing upon the termination of such relationship.

C. A licensed Mississippi broker may cooperate with a broker licensed in another state who does not hold a Mississippi license through the use of a cooperative agreement. A separate cooperative agreement must be filed for each property, prospective user or transaction with said writing reflecting the compensation to be paid to the Mississippi licensed broker.

The listing or property management agreement for the Mississippi real property shall in such cases remain in the name of the Mississippi licensed broker.

The commissions or other compensation resulting from the sale/rent/lease/property management or auction of the Mississippi real property and which are earned during the period the cooperative agreement is in force shall be divided on a negotiable basis between the Mississippi broker and the nonresident broker.

A responsible (principal) nonresident broker described herein is defined as an active, licensed responsible real estate broker of another state who does not possess an active responsible nonresident real estate broker’s license issued by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC).

A Mississippi broker described herein is a responsible (principal) real estate broker whose license is on active status and whose license was issued by MREC either as a responsible resident Mississippi broker or as a responsible nonresident Mississippi broker.

The responsible nonresident broker cannot place any sign on real property located in the state of Mississippi without the written consent of the cooperating responsible Mississippi broker.

When the consent is obtained, the sign of the responsible Mississippi broker must be placed in a prominent place and in close proximity to the responsible nonresident broker’s sign.

Any licensed responsible Mississippi broker assisting or cooperating in the sale, lease, property management, rental or auction of real property within the state of Mississippi with a responsible nonresident broker who fails or refuses to list his or her name in such advertisement, or fails or refuses to cross-list such property with him or her, in writing, shall be deemed in violation of Section 73-35-11 of the Real Estate Broker’s License Act, and shall be subject to a revocation or suspension of his or her license.

In such instance herein where a responsible Mississippi broker enters into a cooperative agreement with a responsible nonresident broker pertaining to the sale of real property within the state of Mississippi, the responsible Mississippi broker must file two copies of the cooperating agreement with the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

D. A responsible broker must maintain an office and display the license therein. If the broker has more than one office, the broker shall display a branch office license in each branch office. The broker is responsible for the real estate practices of those licensees.


E. No licensee shall pay any part of a fee, commission, or other compensation received by such licensee in buying, selling, exchanging, leasing, auctioning or renting any real estate except to another licensee through the licensee’s responsible broker.

No licensee shall knowingly pay a commission, or other compensation to a licensed person knowing that licensee will in turn pay a portion or all of that which is received to a person who does not hold a real estate license.

A licensee who has changed to inactive status or who has transferred to another responsible broker may receive compensation from the previous responsible broker if the commission was generated from activity during the time that the licensee was under the supervision of that responsible broker.

F. Any licensee who fails in a timely manner to respond to official Mississippi Real Estate Commission written communication or who fails or neglects to abide by Mississippi Real Estate Commission’s Rules and Regulations shall be deemed, prima facie, to be guilty of improper dealing.

G. A real estate broker or salesperson in the ordinary course of business may give an opinion as to the sales price of real estate for the purpose of a prospective listing or sale; however, this opinion as to the listing price or the sale price shall not be referred to as an appraisal and must be completed in compliance with Section 73-35- 4 of the Real Estate Broker’s License Act and must conform to the Standards established by the National Association of Broker Price 11 Opinion Professionals (NABPOP).

H. When an offer is made on property owned by a party with whom a broker has entered into a listing agreement, such broker shall document and date the seller’s personal acceptance or rejection of the offer and upon written request, shall provide a copy of such document to the person making the offer.

I. A real estate licensee shall not be exempt from disciplinary actions by the commission when selling property owned by the licensee.

§73-35-15. Location of business and responsible broker to be designated


(1) Every person, partnership, association or corporation licensed as a real estate broker shall be required to have and maintain a definite place of business, which shall be a room either in his home or an office elsewhere, to be used for the transaction of real estate business, or such business and any allied business.

The certificate of registration as broker and the certificate of each real estate salesperson employed by such broker shall be prominently displayed in said office.

The said place of business shall be designated in the license. In case of removal from the designated address, the licensee shall make application to the commission before removal, or within ten (10) days after removal, designating the new location of such office, whereupon the commission shall forthwith issue a new license for the new location for the unexpired period.

All licenses issued to a real estate salesperson or broker-salesperson shall designate the responsible broker of such salesperson or broker salesperson.

Prompt notice in writing, within three (3) days, shall be given to the commission by any real estate salesperson of a change of responsible broker, and of the name of the principal broker into whose agency the salesperson is about to enter; and a new license shall thereupon be issued by the commission to such salesperson for the unexpired term of the original license upon the return to the commission of the license previously issued.

The change of responsible broker or employment by any licensed real estate salesperson without notice to the commission as required shall automatically cancel his license. Upon termination of a salesperson’s agency, the responsible broker shall within three (3) days return the salesperson’s license to the commission for cancellation.

It shall be unlawful for any real estate salesperson to perform any of the acts contemplated by this chapter either directly or indirectly after his agency has been terminated and his license has been returned for cancellation until his license has been reissued by the commission.

Rule 1.2 Changing the Status of a License

A. To change a license from active to inactive status, licensee shall notify the Commission in writing, shall insure that the license is returned to the Commission and shall pay the appropriate fee.

A licensee who is on inactive status at time of renewal may renew the license on inactive status by filing a renewal application and paying the renewal fee. A broker who terminates a real estate business may place the business license on inactive status.

To return to active status, a salesperson or broker/salesperson must file a transfer  application.

A broker and/or a business license may be activated by notifying the Commission by letter or transfer application including required fee.

B. When a licensee wishes to transfer from one broker to another, the transferring licensee must file a transfer application signed by the new broker accompanied by the transfer fee and must furnish a statement that the licensee is not carrying any listings or pertinent information belonging to the former broker unless that broker so consents.

C. Any licensee who has entered active duty military service due to draft laws or national emergency shall, upon his return to civilian life and within twelve (12) months after honorable discharge, be considered, so far as this Commission is concerned, to have been continuously engaged in the real estate business in the same capacity as when the licensee entered military service.

Rule 3.5 Real Estate Teams or Groups

A. A “Team or Group” shall mean a collective name used by two or more active real estate licensees who represent themselves to the public as being part of a single entity which is organized with the written approval of a Principal Broker to perform licensable real estate activity. To qualify as a “Real Estate Team or Group” the active real estate licensees must be working together and each must

(a) work under the direct supervision of the same Principal Broker,

(b) work together on real estate transactions to provide real estate brokerage services,

(c) must represent themselves to the public as being part of a Team or Group,

(d) must be designated by a specific team or group name, and

(e) must conduct all real estate activity from the primaryoffice or branch office where their individual licenses are displayed.

B. All Principal Brokers must have specific information on each Team operating within their Brokerage and must register each Team with the Real Estate Commission on forms provided for that purpose; to include a detailed list indicating all approved Team names, the name of the Team Leader, the name of the individual Team members and the name of any unlicensed employee(s) of the Team.

The working list(s) should indicate the dates that Team members are added to or deleted from any Team and should enable the Principal Broker and/or the Real Estate Commission to determine Team membership at any point in time.

Adjustments to a Team should be filed with the Real Estate Commission within ten (10) working day of any change and should be on forms provided by the Commission.

C. All teams must appoint a Team Leader, who will be a Broker Associate with a minimum of one years’ real estate experience and will have supervisory responsibility (under the supervision of the  Principal Broker) over the Team members.

The Team Leader may be subject to disciplinary action for violations of the Mississippi Real Estate Brokers Act by Team members under their supervision.

D. A Team Name may, with the written approval of the Principal Broker and the Team Leader, be used in any type of advertising. Any individual whose name is displayed in any advertisement must be an active licensee who is sponsored by the Principal Broker.

All advertising must fully comply with the guidelines established in MREC Administrative Rule 3.3. Principal Brokers and Team Leaders must confirm that the name of the Principal Broker or the Brokerage Firm and their telephone number is prominently displayed on all advertising.

The name of the Team must be situated near the name of the Brokerage Firm and shall be identified with the same sized or smaller print as that of the Brokerage.

E. Neither team names nor team advertising should suggest that the team is an independent real estate brokerage.

Team names must not include terms such as (a) real estate brokerage, (b) realty, (c) real estate, or (d) company.

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