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You owe your staff quality.

Human resource management plays a critical role in small businesses. The Introduction to Human Resources course described the important principles and processes used in human resource management. Use this worksheet to document your questions, thoughts, ideas, and action items as they relate to human resource management. The questions below follow the topics discussed in the course. You can use the fillable PDF form fields or print the worksheet and write in the space provided.

Human resource management is all about people. It includes doing whatever is reasonably possible to find that delicate balance between what best serves the basic needs of employees and what best serves the market-driven needs of the company within the regulatory compliance issues provided by the States and Government.

Basic Human Resource Concepts

The objective of human resource management is to serve as a consultant for the rest of the company. By creating a positive attitude among employees, reducing spending, and making maximum use of resources, human resource management helps the company achieve its objectives and mission.

Strategic Staffing Plan

Think about your recruitment and selection process. Do you feel you are hiring the right employees? As discussed in the course, it’s essential for your business’ success to hire the right employees. Having a Strategic Staffing Plan can help you outline your company’s staffing requirements.

• What are your business objectives?

• What competencies, skills, and tasks are necessary to produce an outstanding performance that aligns with your business objectives?

• Which combination of resources, internal and external, gets the most mileage out of the tasks?

Employment Laws

Laws affect virtually everything in the field of human resources and it’s important to ensure your business is compliant with Federal and State laws and regulations.

Termination and Separation

When it comes time to fire an employee, you should keep your risk to the company at a minimum. Use the checklist below to prepare for the termination meeting and ensure you are following regulations.

Make sure you have all the proper paperwork together. This includes performance evaluations, disciplinary action forms, and attendance sheets.

If your State requires final pay on termination day, provide at the meeting. If the employee had benefits through the company, inform him or her when their benefits will end and when their COBRA notice will be sent.

Explain your job reference policy. For example, you may only provide the job title, dates of employment, and salary history to prospective employers.

If the employee or prospective employers require more detail, it will require written consent from them.

Collect all keys, credit cards, technology device, and property belonging to the company. Advise other employees that the employee is no longer working at the company once he or she leaves.