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1. Orientation was thorough and clear
2. Instructor demonstrated knowledge of course content
3. Instructor - Encouraged feedback and questions
4. Instructor - Responded to my questions quickly
5. Instructor’s support of student
6. Instructor/student interaction
7. Content/Materials: Organization of content
8. Content/Materials: Course objectives clearly stated
9. Content/Materials: Value of resource materials
10. Content/Materials: Content was what I expected
11. Delivery Method: Satisfied with my learning experience
12. Delivery Method: Course provided interactivity with instructor.
13. Delivery Method: Program met my needs
14. Delivery Method: Degree of problems with self-paced instruction
15. Delivery Method:

If this course utilized any technologies, such as the Internet or TV, please rate your satisfaction with the technologies
16. How was the orientation session accomplished?

17. If this was a pre or post license course, were you given either state exam information or original licensing information in the orientation session?
18. Who answered your questions regarding course content?

19. Were they able to sufficiently help you? If not, please explain.

20. What suggestions do you have to improve this program?


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