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Steps Toward Your Salesperson's License  


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30/01/2020 3:04 pm  

Schedule a 60-hour class.

Download a salesperson’s application

  1. Complete the application (including pictures).
  2. Get the application notarized.
  3. Pass the school’s exit exam.
  4. Attach Real Estate Training Institute’s Course Completion Certificate to the application with a check for $120.
  5. Send the completed application, certificate, and check to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.
  6. MREC will send a letter with a phone number and website where the exam can be scheduled.
  7. The testing company will require a credit card to charge $75 for both exams. (General Portion and Mississippi State-Specific Portion.)
  8. Pass the exam 70% on the General Portion and 75% on the State Specific Portion.
  9. Find a broker. Give the broker the MREC Broker information to complete.